Sun.,3 May  Jean-Marc Weiss (President of OMNITEC JAPAN Inc., translation company )

Jean-Marc Weiss  Started Japanese self-study at 18 Graduated from Sorbonne University (INALCO, Interpretation-translation course) 30 years of translation in Japan As part of JLPP project (Agency for Cultural Affairs), translated Mariko Koike’s “A Capella” and Hiroyuki Itsuki’s “The Kingdom of Wind” in French. While managing for approx. 30 years the Tokyo translation company Omnitec Japan*, mainly from Okinawa, then from Matsuyama in

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Sun.,3 May  Keisuke Oki (Specially appointed Professor of Tokyo Zokei University )

   Keisuke Oki Specially appointed Professor of Tokyo Zokei University Born in Tokyo. Designer/coder/artist. Graduated at Tama Art University. After working as a designer in advertising and media fields in Tokyo, he moved to the USA. In New York, he started Green marketing, environmental management, and consultation for environmental communication business. Also he worked at Carnegie Mellon University STUDIO for Creative Inquiry as a research fellow

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Sun.,3 May  Sono Miyakawa (Studio Noquudo)

Sono Miyakawa Studio Noquudo The food architect, Director  “Studio Noquudo” and “Soupya Noquudo” in Beppu city . 2010, graduated from Tokyo Zokei University ,Interior Architectural design Major. Moved in Beppu city (Oita pref.) in 2010,  From 2010 to 2013, to join the NPO BEPPU PROJECT to develop producing Local goos and running multi-brand store. Manager “SELECT BEPPU” Now, Studio Noquudo

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