Sun.,3 May  Keisuke Oki (Specially appointed Professor of Tokyo Zokei University )


miyakawa-profile  Keisuke Oki

Specially appointed Professor of Tokyo Zokei University

Born in Tokyo. Designer/coder/artist. Graduated at Tama Art University.

After working as a designer in advertising and media fields in Tokyo, he moved to the USA.

In New York, he started Green marketing, environmental management, and consultation for environmental communication business.

Also he worked at Carnegie Mellon University STUDIO for Creative Inquiry as a research fellow to study art/design based  on the information technology.
He currently  focuses on “Open data” and “Civic Tech” movements in line with Sustainability.

”Singularity and dietary habits with new health-conscious”

There is a critical difference between two arguments on “Sustainability”: seeking to remain in a static state, or seeking dynamic changes.

Singularity, which brings a big technological (and philosophical) change to our society, is thought to arrive approximately 30 years from now.

Historically food production tightly connects to the local community. An old idiom like “Shin-do-fu-ni”(身土不二)represents an inseparable relationship of human body and soil in the premodern society. Now we have to reconsider our diet, health and knowledge for near future.