Sun.,3 May  Jean-Marc Weiss (President of OMNITEC JAPAN Inc., translation company )

mark-profile Jean-Marc Weiss 

Started Japanese self-study at 18

Graduated from Sorbonne University (INALCO, Interpretation-translation course)
30 years of translation in Japan

As part of JLPP project (Agency for Cultural Affairs), translated Mariko Koike’s “A Capella” and Hiroyuki Itsuki’s “The Kingdom of Wind” in French.

While managing for approx. 30 years the Tokyo translation company Omnitec Japan*, mainly from Okinawa, then from Matsuyama in Shikoku, I tried to give higher importance to the country where I live than to the rest of the world, and more importance to local places in Japan than large cities, striving to keep a good contact with nature and local people.


Writing a series of articles for local magazines concerning the rehabilitation of a 300 years old house, and through radio and TV interviews, I try to foster a better recognition of the real meaning of human “local” language in Japan, in the turmoil of globalization.

Ko-to-ba, quiet language revolution for the design of SLOC societies
introducing SLOC lifestyle experience」

“Soaked” as we are in the values of modern global societies, we seem to consider that “thinking things” and “human communication” are the main functions of our languages. In fact, this linguistic evolution is the main reason behind the difficulties our societies encounter in their purpose to be sustainable. Why? Because, while being fundamental elements of our behaviour, these two functions have nothing to do with nature.

In the course of 30 years in Japan, through the characteristics of Japanese ko-to-ba (“language”), Jean-Marc Weiss discovers the real, natural and universal function of our languages, a function that precisely allows a better design of natural and sustainable societies.
Through professional translation achieved while rehabilitating a 300 years’ old house in a remote island, JM Weiss shows how ko-to-ba attitudes can re-design life and society in a quite valuable, universal and enjoyable way.